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The Portuguese superstar is now in the best shape

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Ronaldo had a victim named Juventus. The data from the Portuguese superstar against Juventus showed everything.

On Tuesday, Ronaldo and Juventus will meet again in the Champions League. The Portuguese superstar is now in the best shape. He has scored 9 goals in the last 4 games in Real Madrid. He is also a nightmare for Juventus. In the Champions League FIFA Coins, he can always break the door of the “old woman”.

5 times on behalf of Real Madrid against Juventus, Ronaldo scored 7 goals in total for Juventus. Last season against Juventus, Ronaldo proved his best player in the world. In the UEFA Champions League final against Juventus, he scored twice to help the team win.

In the Champions League, Ronaldo only scored more goals against a team than against Juventus. That was Bayern Munich. He had attacked the Bundesliga giants nine times.

As early as October 23, 2013, Ronaldo scored twice in Real Madrid's 2-1 win over Juventus at home. Juventus took control of the game, but Ronaldo scored a goal in the fourth minute and then scored with a penalty. In the away game, Ronaldo also scored a goal and eventually Real Madrid beat Juventus 2 to 2.

After two years Real Madrid and Juventus met again, this time in the Champions League semi-final, the first leg of the away game, although Ronaldo scored a goal, Real Madrid still defeated 1-2. Back home, Morata is still the protagonist, Ronaldo also scored a goal, but failed to help Real Madrid to achieve a reversal.

In the Champions League final last season, Real Madrid achieved revenge and Ronaldo played a key role. He scored twice in the final and helped Real Madrid win another Champions League trophy.

As the most outstanding goalkeeper in the world, Buffon said recently that when Ronaldo talked about Ronaldo, "I know very well that when you face Ronaldo, you always have a few sleepless nights."

In the La Liga game last weekend, Zidane let Ronaldo rest. Now the Portuguese superstar is in good shape and is waiting for the team to destroy the city. Do not forget, Ronaldo is the best shooter of the Champions League this season, he scored 12 goals in 8 games. In 2018, he was still the "world's best shooter" and scored 23 goals in 15 games, including 21 goals in Real Madrid and 2 goals in the Portuguese national team. He scored twice in the second round, a hat trick, and a big four, and he also scored a goal in the away game against Paris.

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