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  1. If possible, too, the Celtics would like to find a taker for big man Tyler Zeller, who is owed $8 million next season.That could be the first layer of this team to be scrubbed away. The second, and more consequential, would come over the course of the following year. That starts with All-Star Isaiah Thomas, buy mt 2k18 whose name has lately been the subject of trade speculation. But league sources indicate that any talk of dealing Thomas is strictly speculation at this point — the Celtics have had no such discussions. Not yet, at least.Thomas is signed through next season at a bargain price of $6.3 million. He will be eligible for an extension this summer, but the most likely scenario has him playing out the contract and leaving the Celtics' decision on what to do with him until the summer of 2018. If healthy next season, Thomas will get a max deal starting north of $30 million per year, whether in Boston or elsewhere.At that point, the Celtics also have decisions looming on Marcus Smart (who will be a restricted free agent if he does not sign an extension this offseason) and Avery Bradley, another bargain for Boston at $8.8 million. Given his top-tier defense and his offensive improvement, Bradley could command a contract in the range of $20 million per year. The Celtics can't afford to sink big money into Thomas, Bradley and Smart.Some of what happens with the backcourt will be dependent on what the Celtics do with the No. 1 pick this June. Executives around the league say the Celtics are highly unlikely to trade the pick, though that chatter will certainly arise.NBA MOCK DRAFT: Who would you pick if you were in charge?There are indications they'll stick with consensus No. 1 Markelle Fultz, and if so, they'll have a year to see how Fultz fits with the different combinations of Thomas, Bradley and Smart. Josh Jackson is probably the next contender for the spot, and having Jackson and 2016 No. 3 pick Jaylen Brown on the wings could be a formidable combination for Boston going forward.And, 2K MT Coins of course, there is the cap space available to Boston this summer. It's no secret the Celtics would like to reunite Jazz star Gordon Hayward with his college coach, Brad Stevens. They have the ability to do so if they can pry Hayward away from Quin Snyder's program in Utah. Boston can offer a four-year deal worth $130 million to Hayward.
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