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  1. Robertson left arc low ball in front of the ball, Ma Neak out in close proximity to hit the shot, but the Bundesliga flag flag offside, Mane's goal was blown away Austin Watson Jersey. The first 52 minutes, Mane heel wonderful pass, Sharaki restricted area calm flash Amaruy left foot shot, 1-1! The first 65 minutes, Kudiniao beautiful rub transfer, the horse single pole calm break, but the flag again off the bench flag offside, the goal was invalidated Trevor Smith Jersey. The first 76 minutes, Fermino pass, Milner knock knock to Salah, Egypt Messi wipe Maguil face small Schmeichel calm low shot James Neal Jersey, 2-1! Salah scored twice, Liverpool go-ahead score! Final Liverpool 2-1 reversal beat Leicester at home all three points Victor Bartley Jersey. In fact, this is not surprising, from the Christmas pre-Christmas horror "Christmas - New Year's devil race" on the fierce battle, plus the Premiership is the referee whistled the standard loose, fierce fight scraping common and famous league. According to exercise physiology point of view, the more the player tired, the more violent collision more likely to cause injuries. Every time this time, the continuous emergence of the English Premier League teams seriously injured players are not news, and now the tragedy of the city duo, is the tragedy in the previous years will appear in the new section of the bridge only. Fortunately after the game, Guardiola revealed that the injuries of both Geus and Debraone were not too heavy: "Gusus was injured, and we hope he will only miss 1-2 months." Kevin Blauney)? We look good luck (Reporter reminds him that the players hurt and said good luck is not appropriate), Well, it is bad luck. "From the melon handsome optimistic attitude after the game, Will not be absent for too long, Debra Aunet may be lighter. Of course, the specific injuries still need to be followed up.
  2. Klopp discharged Kudiniao, Salah, Mane and Philmino's fantasy quartet, Emre - Zhan sat in the midfield, Carius rotation play, 75 million new aid Van Dijk spectators watch. As for Leicester, Waldrick stepped forward, with Gray behind and Maherrez and Albrighton wings flying together. Opening only 3 minutes, Matioph pass after the ball error, Ivola ball after the ball into the restricted area, Ma Jelesi cross-off success on the right cross, Vardy Paodao rushed to cover nets, 0-1! Leicester made a fantastic start. Before the game, the scene appeared again in a frightening scene. Just off the bench Crystal Palace player Pocheon Yong Cody Franson Jersey, and Manchester City's Delabuneo two clashes, so that they both received a longer treatment, both were carried out of the pitch. Especially in Debraine, after his right leg was fixed, it was carried out on a stretcher. Four players in a game were taken out of the court on stretchers, and it was extremely rare for the Premiership to happen during the tragedy. On the sidelines, Guardiola once showed up, could not bear to look straight ahead, worried. So when the final whistle, Cech and team-mate Beilei Lin find Dean asked, resulting in a yellow card. Later in the interview with Sky Sports, the Czech goalkeeper said angrily: "I was because that is not a penalty and yellow every time before the season we meet with the referee, pointed out that players too close to the ball, no time to respond to this point, they are I asked the referee why the decision was changed. I was not rude, just asked the question Calle Jarnkrok Jersey, but I was even more disappointed that he said nothing. I was looking forward to when I came with the respect to the referee, put forward Question Matt Irwin Jersey, I hope he can answer in the usual way Harry Zolnierczyk Jersey, rather than say nothing, give me a yellow card.
  3. William ball before the restricted area, Pedro arc top turn around the right foot shot succeeded, 3-0! The first 73 minutes, Cameron put William Foul inside the restricted area, William personally fenced the penalty kick, 4-0! The first 88 minutes, substitute appearances Zappa Costa top left foot vigorously hit paste to cut the door Taylor Beck Jersey, 5-0! Chelsea finally scored 5 goals at home Stoke City, the league home win 7 straight. Contemporary football, only Wenger can surpass Ferguson, then who can surpass Wenger it? Behind him was 641 Harry Redknapp, 508 Moyes, 495 Allertis, 443 Mark Hughes, 392 Steve Bruce, 359 Martin O'Neal, Bryant Shree 328, and more. The youngest Old Thunder already 70 years old, just in get out of class in Birmingham Filip Forsberg Jersey, is likely to end his teaching career; Moyes 54 may also have the opportunity, but after the failure of Manchester United and Sunderland Mike Fisher Jersey, he again in West Ham Alabama how long, if you go wrong, but also find jobs in Premier League it? As Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Conti these world-class marshals, it is difficult as long as a professor left a club Shea Weber Jersey, stay in a league. So Wenger before Super Ferguson, but difficult to later people.
  4. Welcome to Audi Q2 Forum, Audi Q2 Owners Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.