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  1. Criteria affecting the choice of chandelier: Type of room Dimensions of the room Articulation of the room Roof height Interior furnishings and equipment Intensity of light required by the user Weight of the crystal chandelier Degree of maintenance required Type of room A crystal chandelier can be placed anywhere. The most popular place to hang a crystal chandelier is definitely the living room, followed by the bedroom, the living room and the dining room. We also found a crystal chandelier in a bathroom, however, it was a huge room with a perfect ventilation system to remove moisture, which can influence the life and functionality of the spider, as well as the user's health . Our lamps are shipped with the IP 20 code (effective against the insertion of fingers or similar objects, but are not insulated against any harmful entry of water). A customer / user is totally responsible for installing a spider in an environment contrary to the design parameters of the spider, as well as for any damage to the spider caused by placing it in such an environment. Size of the room The size of the room is essential when choosing a chandelier. To illustrate, a multi-level spider is suitable for rooms with stairs that will then be dominated by the spider, no matter from which side it is seen. On the contrary, small rooms should be equipped with single-level lamps or a recessed mounting. In both cases, the chandeliers can be combined with wall, table or standing lamps. Ceiling height Do not forget the fact that the ceilings of the rooms do not have the same height. We send our chandeliers with chains of 7 links, that is, 30-50 cm long, depending on the type of chain. It is essential to consider what space under the spider is required, taking into account the height of the user. The usual distance between the bottom of the spider and the floor is 2.1-2.2 meters. With regard to the fact that the height of the candelabras with a chain as indicated in our catalog does not include the length of the chain, the length of the chain and the perch in a canopy, whose height is between 10 and 20 cm, Depending on the size of the lamp, it should be added to the height of the spider. In cases where the ceiling is not high enough, it is possible to shorten the chain. The chain can be shortened to the length of a link that is necessary to join the hanger and the body of the spider. If such substantial shortening is insufficient, a different type of spider should be purchased. If the spider has already been delivered and needs a longer chain, it must be requested in the required length along with the flexion, which must also be changed, since its length is also insufficient. Articulation of the room The articulation of the room significantly influences the placement of lighting fixtures. If the room is very articulated, the use of a central chandelier is not adequate. Such a room must be equipped with sconces or another smaller spider. For rooms with low ceilings, it is convenient to use embedded brackets. Furniture and equipment The color of the walls, the furniture, the metal accessories, the carpets and the style in which the room has been decorated, as well as the user's preferences, influence the choice of the chandeliers. Light required by the user The light requirement is a characteristic of a user that is difficult to predict. For example, if a sanitary standard indicates that the minimum intensity of light recommended for a stay in a room is 200 lx, there are always people who will require 500 lx or more. Also, the older a user is, the greater their light requirement. Various demands on the intensity of light can be fulfilled in several ways. A spider with a greater number of light bulbs whose intensity of light we want to decrease can serve as an example. Such a decrease in the intensity of light can be achieved by: - install a double switch (the lamp will be on only partially) - install a dimmer (the intensity of the light of all the bulbs will be regulated gradually) - exchanging current bulbs for others with less power We are often asked how many arms a spider should have to illuminate a particular room. The following guide should help you answer the question: Multiply the width of the room by the length (both in meters) and again by 15. The number you get is only informative and should be equal to the wattage (W) that the main lighting in the room should have. The light requirement depends, above all, on the type of room (living room, living room, dining room) that is established or required by a user. The weight of the crystal chandelier In the case of large candlesticks, their weight plays an important role. It is important to find out where and to what type of roof construction you ins
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